What if global design connects with the wisdom of local makers. What if, this keeps supply chains short, supports local business, while goods for only you can be created: either by someone professional — or DIY by yourself. Personal customized and also fitted, if needed.

15 years in the sustainable fashion business, having traveled a lot between Europe and the so-called "Textile Production Countries'' (like Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan or Sri Lanka) have shown me one particular thing: I loved the style of my (new) friends and my new friends showed interest in my clothes. It took me six years to find the right tailor to sew me a customized Shalwar Kameez (a long shirt with pants combination), 9000 km far away from where I live — Berlin, Germany, mostly. What if I could get this done around the corner and he still gets his credit-shares? And how would it be to get some Berlin 90ies Party Pants just done in Puerto Santa Maria to show off at the Andalusian Beach! U to pi is more than a pattern service. The coolest designers and craftspersons share their wisdom to get things done at somewhere elses hometowns. Like authorized copying — you know what I mean ; ). But only for you and your individual body. Love, jo.

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