What if global design connects with the wisdom of local makers. What if, this keeps supply chains short, supports local business, while goods for only you can be created: either by someone professional — or DIY by yourself. Personal customized and fitted, if needed.

My former designers live brought me to the so-called "Textile Production Countries" Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Next to very personal impressions how fashion business harms to our beautiful planet those travels have shown me one very other thing: I loved the style of my (new) friends, and my new friends liked sometimes mine. Not everything is made everywhere, some items are hard to get and why at all ship stuff around the world anyways? What if I could get this done around the corner and designers will get their credit-shares? How would it be to get some Berlin-Designer-Label-Item just done in your hometown! What if you can use worry free some traditional embroiderie artwork, because a design share goes to the original creator. Or you create a fancy design collaboration piece all by yourself. U to pi is more than a pattern service. The coolest designers and craftsperson’s share their wisdom to get things done at somewhere else’s hometowns. Like authorized copying — you know what I mean ; ). But only for you and your individual body. Love, jo.

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